Joshua Institute

3rd through 12th Grade

Joshua Institute – Cole valley Christian Schools

The Joshua Institute serves 3rd through 12th grade students with with learning, attention, and language difficulties through low student-to-teacher ratio and innovative teaching methods.  We incorporate a therapeutic,  multi-sensory, and project based approach to strengthen areas of weakness while celebrating and growing students in their strengths.

Individualized success plans for each student, developed in partnership with parent and student input, provide a roadmap for their personalized learning journey. By focusing on teaching students how to think, not just what to think, students learn critical thinking skills to apply in a variety of situations. All of the Joshua Institute options may be augmented by additional personalized learning services.

It is our goal to challenge students just above their comfort zone, so that they grow, persevere, and experience success without being overwhelmed and discouraged to the point of giving up. At the Joshua Institute, students discover they do enjoy learning when that learning is catered to the style under which they can learn best.

Services – The Joshua Institute also provides learning services to students who attend other schools.  These customized services are provided by trained educational coaches. 

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